October 18th Recap: Gaming the System

The only thing better than advocating for equitable development in Detroit, is making board games about it instead. Of course we’re kidding (are we?), and The D4 Developer Game [TM] was just one of the ways we discussed the development process in Detroit during our second Equitable Development Series event. Additionally, the game was prefaced by our speakers for the evening, local developers Kimberly Dowdell and Clifford Brown. Dowdell is a Detroit native who has worked in architecture and development in several other cities before returning to the Motor City. She is now a partner at Century Partners, a mission based firm which is rehabbing homes on Atkinson Street in Boston-Edison, and was

October 10th Recap: Development's Double Edge

What are people saying about the opening session of D4’s equitable development event series? Here is just some of the praise we heard for Tuesday night’s event: “Interesting and informative!” “An important and timely discussion! “A cinematic masterpiece!” We’re a little confused about that last one, but we’re glad that whoever said it enjoyed themselves. In case you missed it, never fear! As promised last week, each event will be followed with a recap and discussion here on our blog, so you can rest assured to be caught up for next time. If you did join us, then this is your chance to relive that magical night. And what better magic is there than discussing equitable development in Detroit?

Welcome to D4’s New Blog Series: Views into Equitable Development!

What does equitable development mean to you? As you ponder your answer to this question, allow me to welcome you to this new space on D4’s website, the “Views into Equitable Development” blog! Allow me to introduce myself as well— My name is Alon Samuel, I will be interning at D4 through December, and I will be the main contributor here on “Views”, a blog series dedicated to exploring equitable development throughout Detroit in its many forms. Before I continue, I do want to recognize that yes, “Views” is also the abbreviated title of Drake’s 2016 album, “Views From The Six”. However, we here at D4 are confident that in time this series will be the more prominent of the two projects, preven

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