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Furthering Equitable Development

Doing Development Differently

in Metro Detroit (D4)


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Our Work

Formed in 2010 in conjunction with the Partnership for Working Families, D4 strives to make Metro Detroit more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable. We do this through tapping into our national network of best practices and experts, rigorous data analysis, and meaningful engagement with stakeholders. We work with decision makers to cultivate effective public policy and legislation; we partner with grassroots organizations to launch on-the-ground campaigns negotiating community benefits with developers; and we hone the leadership skills of community leaders to help them organize their own neighborhood.

Policy Research

D4 has provided recommendations on affordable housing policies for the City of Detroit, written about how to improve Detroiters' access  to construction careers, and researched City and State policies that can encourage equitable development.



D4 supports community groups facing large scale development projects  to organize community benefit campaigns. D4 also supports local stakeholders to advocate for more democratic participation in the development process.


Civic Leadership

D4's Civic Leadership Institute strengthens the knowledge and skills of community leaders. It helps local residents and business owners to organize their own community benefit campaigns and advocate for policy reform.


D4 is a diverse coalition of residents, labor, environmental, faith-based, and community organizations, committed to using the built environment to create “win-win” scenarios for the community, the economy, workers, and the environment.


We want to reinvent the development process, which too often unfairly burdens low-income families and people of color. Many communities are disenfranchised from development decisions, leading to neighborhood displacement, environmental degradation, and the worst access to quality commercial amenities, city services, education, health care, and jobs for those who need them the most.


We envision something better. We envision a development process that provides a formal role for community engagement, with stakeholder input genuinely influencing what is built. We envision construction that provides opportunities for local hiring and organized labor. We envision completed projects that provide decent jobs for local residents, mitigate environmental impact, feature convenient transit access, and offer long-term community value such as affordable housing or public space.


Our Work
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